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Grow Advertising Revenue From Tire Dealers!


Tires may not be sexy, but tires may be the PERFECT PRODUCT for radio.



TIRES . . . the perfect product for radio.  Here's why . . .

  • 263 MILLION vehicles on the road in the United States with 1 radio and 4 tires.

  • Tires are a consumable - they wear out.

  • Tires are a mandatory purchase.

  • Tires are purchased all demographic and sociographic groups.

  • Tires have a very short buying cycle (sense of urgency) - When it's time, it's time.

  • Tires have a high price-point of $500+.

  • Lifetime value of a new customer to a tire dealer can be 10x the initial purchase.

A winning sales idea! utilizes the REACH of radio, a good offer, a simple call-to-action, a sense of urgency, and an automated lead-delivery platform . . . to deliver a winning sales program!


Radio Drives LEAD GEN For Tire Dealers. 

Zimmer Media Group leveraged their nine (9) radio stations in the Columbia/Jefferson City market to drive awareness and action among consumers to their participating tire dealers.


  • radio promos airing on Top Country Hits, Top 40/CHR, Classic Rock, Mainstream Rock, News/Talk, and Sports Talk formats.

  • Facebook promotion


  • Banner ads across all radio station websites.


  • Sweepstakes to build email database.




Consistently delivering 40 to 80 leads per month to participating tire dealers.


  • Tire dealers experienced immediate tire sales with the program.

  • 100% sponsorship renewals from participating tire dealers.

Marketing Automation For Tire Dealers - Watch A Quick DEMO

Wondering if this program will work for your station(s)?

  • Works in any size market.

  • With any radio station format.

  • With any demographic audience.

  • Without ratings.

  • Using all dayparts.

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Guaranteed to generate advertising dollars for your radio station(s)!

The combination of RADIO + DIGITAL can be very effective when all of the elements are working in harmony.


The platform was developed specifically for local radio to generate new advertising revenue opportunities from local tire retailers. 


We provide everything you need to launch a proven, effective, measurable radio campaign. 

Curtis Parcell, Founder (20+ years radio sales & sales management experience)

American Radio Strategies - A Parcell Media Company